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Rose Petals Healing Salve™

10ml Stick £8.50
18ml Pot £11.95
60ml Pot £25.75

Our famous Rose Petals Healing Salve™ was formulated two decades ago for extreme wrinkle care around the eye area. We then discovered that it is really a remarkable blend for all kinds of issues: exceptional for bruising and burns, it is used for scrapes and scratches, wind and sun burn, eczema,  insect bites, chaffing, chapped hands, noses and lips, rashes and all owwies. 

The high percentage of both Rose Absolute essential oil and non-synthetic soy-derived Vitamin E stimulate tissue regeneration, making it an excellent salve for both new wounds and scar tissue.

Hand made by Dragonfly Dreaming
in Canada

Rose Petal
Rose Petal
Pot 18ml
Rose Petal
Pot 60ml
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