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Singing Bowl & Stick

An ornament and musical instrument.
Most of the bowls in our stocks are around 15cm (6") diameter.
Each bowl is hand made and unique in both look and sound. They are individually priced based on it's weight. Weights offered are between 300 - 400 grams.

Prices vary for each bowl from mid £40's to mid £60's.

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These metal bowls are (mostly) from around Assam where they are widely used as Dal (lentil) bowls. Their alternative use in Assam as generators of amazing sound is quite probable as everyday objects have frequently been utilised to generate music. Often referred to as Seven Metal Bowls we have no accurate way of knowing the exact constituent parts of the alloy used to make these bowls. In fact their origins are somewhat in the mists of the past! We acquired them over twenty years ago from a Dealer in Delhi who had a good collection of "oldish" interesting bits and pieces. I think at one stage we had an idea to make some recordings using some of the many "ethnic" musical instruments we had in our collection. Dream on. Whatever else they are NOT modern mass produced pieces like some of the bowls currently on offer elsewhere. Every one makes a different sound but in general they all conform pretty much to the noise that comes out of such articles. ie: multi phonic with overtones depending on how they are treated (played). There is a vast quantity of information about musical bowls online, some quite useful (see - - for instance) and much that isn't. We will be delighted to offer you an MP3 sound file of any bowl in stock to give you an approximation of the sounds it might make. Each one comes with a simple wooden wand/stick which is drawn around the rim of the bowl to create the sound ( in rather the same way as you would rub a moistened finger around the rim of a glass). Experimenting with alternative ways to play is part of the delight of bowls.