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  Oriental rugs   Antique & Vintage Hand Made Oriental Rugs

We have a selection of hand knotted rugs available in all 5 of our stores.
In addition we now also have a selection of Orient rugs available to buy on-line.

Chandni Chowk have been dealing in Oriental rugs and carpets for more than 25 years. We have long-established contacts and relationships with many of the leading suppliers and specialists in the field.

Our stock ranges in size from centre pieces for a room, to ones just big enough for the cat to sleep on! We have a great verity of styles including Gabbehs, Kelims, Hammadans, Mushvani, Afghans and Qashqai, from subtle sandy shade to dramatic Persian reds. Our stocks change from day to day. If you have a particular requirement we may be able to help fulfill your needs. Due to the unique nature of every rug we will always check for you that we still have stock of the item you wish to buy before we put any card payment through. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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Isfahan 233x148cms
Iran Tabiz 185x135cms
Iran Qum 206x118cms