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100% Organic Cotton


Organic cotton clothing and accessories. Hand printed skirts, tops, blouses, dresses, dressing gowns, trousers and scarves. Hand made in India using natural dyes including indigo.
natural dyes

  organic clothing       waistcoat  
Shirt 2 organic prints
Wrap Skirt 2 prints
  Waistcoat 2 prints  
Dhoti Trouser
Indigo Tunic 1 print
SALE Kimonos 2 prints
  skirt   kaftan        
  Border Skirt 1 print   Prointed Kaftan Top   Boxer Shorts 2 designs  
Quilted Long Waistcoat
SALE Yoke Skirt 1 print
Turnup Trousrs 3 prints
Short Kimonos 3 prints   Classic Shirt
Organic Flick Dress
Vest Top 1 organic print
SALE Kaftan Dress
Printed Long Kimono
Quilted Long Waistcoat
Tailored Dress 2 prints
Tassel Dress 1 prints
Loose Jacket 1 print
Mandarin Shirt SALE
Full Printed Skirt 1 print