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Nightwear and Kimonos, hand block printed and hand embroidered in India. Cotton dressing gowns, kaftans, tunics, pyjamas and dhoti trousers. Ethical clothing by Chandni Chowk.
  dressing gowns nightwear   dressing gown   loose shirts    
Printed Dressing Gown
10 prints
Light Pintucked Shirts
11 colours
Quilted Kimonos
11 prints
        boxer shorts  
Split Tops
4 prints
Drawstring Trousers
5 colours
Men's Boxer Shorts
24 prints
      shirt   womens boxer shorts    
Wash Bags
23 prints
Kaftan Tops
12 prints
Loose Printed Shirts
4 prints
Women's Boxer Shorts
3 prints

Embroidered Camisole
9 designs
  hair scrunchies     vest top   makeup bags    
Hair Scrunchies
4 Prints
Short Dressing Gowns
12 prints
Cotton Vest Tops
7 fabrics
Makeup Bags
23 prints


Long Quilted Waistcoat
2 prints
Printed Long Kaftan
5 Prints
Natural Dyed Kimonos
Organic Cotton
Hand Embroidered
Pyjama Set
2 colours
Printed Kaftan Dress
12 Prints
dressing gown
Short Dressing Gowns
Hand Painted Silk Kimono 1 colour
Long Printed Kimonos
10 prints
4 Prints
Loose Pintucked Shirt
4 fabrics