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Ethical clothing; Jackets, coats, dressing gowns, and kimono's,
hand printed cotton and embroidered, hand made in India by Anokhi for Chandni Chowk - accacia
  dressing gowns     top   waistcoat  
Side Button Jacket
Khadi Jacket 12 colours
Long Quilted Waistcoat
    kimono     jacket  
Short Kimono 15 prints
Quilted Coats 2 Prints
Reversible Jackets
  kimono   waistcoat   top   jacket   waistcoat  
Indigo dressing gown
Hand Embroidered
Quilted Waistcoats
6 designs
Khadi Jacket
12 colours
Quilted Jacket
4 design
Quilted Waistcoats
6 designs
  kimono   coat     dressing gowns   jacket  
Quilted Kimono
12 prints
Quilted Toggle Jacket
1 design
Embroidered Jackets
2 colours

Dressing Gown
12 prints
Loose Jackets
4 designs
short kimono
Long Quilted Waistcoat
4 prints
Nehru Coat
6 designs
Short Kimono
15 prints
Dressing Gown
12 prints
Printed Quilted Coats
2 prints