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Ethical clothing; Jackets, coats, dressing gowns, and kimono's,
hand printed cotton and embroidered, hand made in India by Anokhi for Chandni Chowk - accacia
  dressing gowns   waistcoat   top   waistcoat  
Quilted Waistcoats
Khadi Jacket 12 colours
Long Quilted Waistcoat
    dressing gown   dressing gown   jacket  
Short Kimono 15 prints
Long Kimono 14 prints
Reversible Jackets
  kimono     top   jacket   waistcoat  
Indigo dressing gown
Hand Embroidered
Side Button Jackets

Khadi Jacket
12 colours
Quilted Jacket
4 design
Quilted Waistcoats
6 designs
  kimono   coat   jacket   coat   jacket  
Quilted Kimono
12 prints
Quilted Toggle Jacket
1 design
Embroidered Jackets
2 colours

Quilted Coats 2 Prints
Loose Jackets
4 designs
short kimono
dressing gown
Long Quilted Waistcoat
4 prints
Nehru Coat
6 designs
Short Kimono
15 prints
Dressing Gown
12 prints
Printed Quilted Coats
2 prints