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Fair Trade Fashion Accessories; printed and embroidered cotton bags, purses and washbags.
  washbags   washbags   large washbags   purses  
Medium Washbag
23 designs
Large Washbags
23 designs
Tassel Makeup Bags
23 prints
    tablet case   washbags   Tablet Case  
Tablet Case
4 designs
Veg Dye Washbags
12 designs 2 sizes
Printed Tablet Case
2 sizes
  hair scrunchie   makeup bags   glasses case   Embroidered purse   washbags  
Hair Scrunchies
3 designs
Veg Dye Makeupbags
12 designs 2 sizes
Spectacle Case
4 designs
Kandinsky Purse
1 design
Gold PrintWashbags
6 designs

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